General Podcast Questions

{from a co-worker}

Can you share some information on the actual logistics for podcasting?

– How do we record someone giving a elevator pitch?
– How are podcasts hosted?
– How are podcasts distributed?
– How do people access podcasts?
– Are they delivered via RSS feed?

{my answer}

Excellent Questions. I know of Podcasting, but haven’t done it. Yet 🙂
– We can use any type of audio recording software. I hear that Audio Recorder ( works well on a PC to record conversations via Skype.
– Or we could use something like Audacity to record a conversation via a computer:
– Or we could use podomatic to record from computer directly to a podcast server. It’ll do the rest.
– The client needs a good microphone to record, I’d suggest a Logitech USB Headset as they’ve been quite nice. Lee does have one too if you’d like to see one.
– The more professional they want to go the more they need to spend on recording. We can do a decent job for almost free, but some companies like to do professional recording as it sounds more professional. Then you’d need to find a studio to record in.
– Podcasts are usually hosed on the client’s blog. If they don’t have one, then we could set one up.
– Podcasts are distributed via RSS just like blog posts. We can also submit them to iTunes and Yahoo for free.
– People can access them via iTunes, Yahoo, download them directly or one of the many podscast subscription software that’ll monitor the RSS feed for new podcasts.
– Here is an idea how it works : – May not be the best tutorial but it may help.


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To understand Podcasts, you must relate to one.

To truly understand what a Podcast is, you must first find one that relates to you and interests you. Anyone can tell you that Podcasts are great, but if you can’t find one you like, you’ll never truly understand.

Today I found one that truly related to me. I’m now excited about getting a Podcast every week and listening to it. What is it? Well it’s Statler & Waldorf: From the Balcony. The Muppets old guys review this weeks new movies in Muppet style. They also bring other Muppet characters on as special guests. Very entertaining for me as I’m a big Muppet fan.

On a side note, if you’d rather watch the episodes, that’s also available on the official site. Sometimes Muppet voices sound odd without the visuals and I think they are throwing a few new Muppets in the mix.
So to really understand this Podcast thing, just go find a Podcast that interests you. There is a wide variety to chose from and it’s not all news and sports. 😉

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How to find Podcasts

Podcasts are scattered across the web and finding them can be tricky. The places that I feel are best to find good Podcasts are iTunes and Yahoo Podcasts. Both allow a user to quickly search and subscribe to Podcasts. However, iTunes and Yahoo may not include some of the smaller, or unprofessional, Podcasts that may be more interesting.

Other Podcast search engines include:

Now please keep in mind that I’ve not done a lot of Podcast searching. I’d like to hear what you use and where you go.


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Recording Skype or Yahoo Conversations for Podcasting

The question came up today about recording Yahoo or Skype audio conversations for podcasts. Both Yahoo Messenger and Skype have the ability to call and talk to people over the internet, but neither have the ability to save those conversations. So, with a few cheap tools, you can record your conversations and turn them into Podcasts.

Step 1: Get Yahoo Messenger or Skype installed on your machine. Both are free. Myself, I prefer Skype as Yahoo Messenger with audio doesn’t work on a Mac and Skype doesn’t have ads.

Step 2: Get Audio Hijack (Mac) or Total Recorder (Windows). Total Recorder Pro is about $40 and Audio Hijack Pro is $32. I’m not sure if the non pro versions will still do the job.

Step 3: Start the audio recording application first. Then start Messenger or Skype. Read the recording application instructions as each differ in how they record audio. But neither should be to hard to operate.

Step 4: Start recording, call a friend and talk! When finished, hang up and stop recording.

Step 5: Save out the audio conversation from Audio Hijack or Total Recorder to your hard drive. Aiff files are good and so are wav files.

Step 6: Use iTunes to convert the large aiff or wav file to an MP3. iTunes is free and works on Mac and PC.
iTunes Logo 88x31-1

That’s it. You have the audio for your Podcast!

– Thomas 

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The Maiden Voyage – Let the podcasting begin!

Okay, I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, at least since I started Global English Salon. I’m currently calling in to World Talk Radio once a week or once a month as it’s been lately. They have a recording studio with the latest techno gear so it sounds really good. I decided to try my hand at podcasting since I wanted to have more control and add English lessons whenever I felt like it. Anyway Thomas set up this blog and told me to get off my you know what and just do it!

I signed up with podomatic because I searched for free podcasting and they came up. Free is a good thing. Then I went out and bought a Logitech USB desktop microphone. It’s Skype enabled which means nothing to me since Skype is banned in China or “blocked” as it were, but that’s a post for another blog another time.

I got up this morning and decided to run the maiden voyage . Plugged in my mic and tried to record on my computer and nothing, nada, total silence. Now I’m no geek but you think all I had to do was plug in the mic usb and go to town, but noooooooooooo! Hey, there’s a button on the mic and when I push it I get a green light. Wow, almost foiled by an on off button.

At podomatic I log in and click on the podcast tab. There are other tabs too but I don’t have time to check them out. Maybe later but so much to learn so little time. I then see a big graphic that says Welcome and Create your first podcast and Click Here. Now that’s easy and I like easy. On this page is a form to fill out with Title, tags, category (arts, education, etc.). Next is a place where you can add a picture (maybe next time). The next portion is where you can import, record or mix (let’s you add music). I’ll just record this time and play with the other buttons later. There’s also a place to add comments.

So I hit the record button and ramble on for about a minute. Then it I do the preview. Not bad! I don’t mean the content but the quality. After the preview I hit the publish button and maiden voyage complete. I think I’ve found something here and will keep at it. Perhaps I’ll try other podcast sites or dig deeper into podomatic. Now, get off your you know what and start podcasting. Podhead Dave

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Welcome Dave?

Well Dave, a co-worker, is supposed to help me out on this blog.  However, I don’t see any options to add a new user or register a new user.  I really want to get Dave in here because he’s also working on creating his first podcast and I think he’d be a good resource.

Does anyone know; can I add new users like I can in other versions of WordPress? 

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Podcasts: Starting at Zero

Welcome to my new blog!  I’m Thomas and I’m going to be researching this podcast phenomenon.  Seems like it’s catching on quite well and I need to know a little more about it.

Now I now what a podcast is, and I have a general knowledge, but I’m going to start this blog at zero and move our way up from there.

Before you know it, maybe I’ll be podcasting!  😀 

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