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Submitting Podcasts: iTunes Works – Yahoo Issues

I have had great success getting my first client Podcast into iTunes.  First off, Apple has a great tutorial on everything you need to know to create the Podcast feed.  I was also using FeedForAll to create the feed and it seems a little over complicated, but it had a great walk-thru of how to create an iTunes Podcast feed.  Success with iTunes.

Yahoo is a slightly different outcome.  I just submitted the iTunes Podcast XML file to Yahoo and they accepted it no problem.  A few days later it showed up!  Then it disappeared.  I’ve gotten no response from Yahoo on issues so I’m not sure why it’s gone.  I’ve submitted it a second time and am waiting for it to show back up.

Overall, it’s not really that hard to get into iTunes and Yahoo, you just need a good tutorial to walk you though it. 


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General Podcast Questions

{from a co-worker}

Can you share some information on the actual logistics for podcasting?

– How do we record someone giving a elevator pitch?
– How are podcasts hosted?
– How are podcasts distributed?
– How do people access podcasts?
– Are they delivered via RSS feed?

{my answer}

Excellent Questions. I know of Podcasting, but haven’t done it. Yet 🙂
– We can use any type of audio recording software. I hear that Audio Recorder ( works well on a PC to record conversations via Skype.
– Or we could use something like Audacity to record a conversation via a computer:
– Or we could use podomatic to record from computer directly to a podcast server. It’ll do the rest.
– The client needs a good microphone to record, I’d suggest a Logitech USB Headset as they’ve been quite nice. Lee does have one too if you’d like to see one.
– The more professional they want to go the more they need to spend on recording. We can do a decent job for almost free, but some companies like to do professional recording as it sounds more professional. Then you’d need to find a studio to record in.
– Podcasts are usually hosed on the client’s blog. If they don’t have one, then we could set one up.
– Podcasts are distributed via RSS just like blog posts. We can also submit them to iTunes and Yahoo for free.
– People can access them via iTunes, Yahoo, download them directly or one of the many podscast subscription software that’ll monitor the RSS feed for new podcasts.
– Here is an idea how it works : – May not be the best tutorial but it may help.

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How to find Podcasts

Podcasts are scattered across the web and finding them can be tricky. The places that I feel are best to find good Podcasts are iTunes and Yahoo Podcasts. Both allow a user to quickly search and subscribe to Podcasts. However, iTunes and Yahoo may not include some of the smaller, or unprofessional, Podcasts that may be more interesting.

Other Podcast search engines include:

Now please keep in mind that I’ve not done a lot of Podcast searching. I’d like to hear what you use and where you go.


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