The Maiden Voyage – Let the podcasting begin!

November 11, 2005 at 6:51 am Leave a comment

Okay, I’ve been meaning to do this for a long time, at least since I started Global English Salon. I’m currently calling in to World Talk Radio once a week or once a month as it’s been lately. They have a recording studio with the latest techno gear so it sounds really good. I decided to try my hand at podcasting since I wanted to have more control and add English lessons whenever I felt like it. Anyway Thomas set up this blog and told me to get off my you know what and just do it!

I signed up with podomatic because I searched for free podcasting and they came up. Free is a good thing. Then I went out and bought a Logitech USB desktop microphone. It’s Skype enabled which means nothing to me since Skype is banned in China or “blocked” as it were, but that’s a post for another blog another time.

I got up this morning and decided to run the maiden voyage . Plugged in my mic and tried to record on my computer and nothing, nada, total silence. Now I’m no geek but you think all I had to do was plug in the mic usb and go to town, but noooooooooooo! Hey, there’s a button on the mic and when I push it I get a green light. Wow, almost foiled by an on off button.

At podomatic I log in and click on the podcast tab. There are other tabs too but I don’t have time to check them out. Maybe later but so much to learn so little time. I then see a big graphic that says Welcome and Create your first podcast and Click Here. Now that’s easy and I like easy. On this page is a form to fill out with Title, tags, category (arts, education, etc.). Next is a place where you can add a picture (maybe next time). The next portion is where you can import, record or mix (let’s you add music). I’ll just record this time and play with the other buttons later. There’s also a place to add comments.

So I hit the record button and ramble on for about a minute. Then it I do the preview. Not bad! I don’t mean the content but the quality. After the preview I hit the publish button and maiden voyage complete. I think I’ve found something here and will keep at it. Perhaps I’ll try other podcast sites or dig deeper into podomatic. Now, get off your you know what and start podcasting. Podhead Dave


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