Recording Skype or Yahoo Conversations for Podcasting

November 11, 2005 at 12:53 pm Leave a comment

The question came up today about recording Yahoo or Skype audio conversations for podcasts. Both Yahoo Messenger and Skype have the ability to call and talk to people over the internet, but neither have the ability to save those conversations. So, with a few cheap tools, you can record your conversations and turn them into Podcasts.

Step 1: Get Yahoo Messenger or Skype installed on your machine. Both are free. Myself, I prefer Skype as Yahoo Messenger with audio doesn’t work on a Mac and Skype doesn’t have ads.

Step 2: Get Audio Hijack (Mac) or Total Recorder (Windows). Total Recorder Pro is about $40 and Audio Hijack Pro is $32. I’m not sure if the non pro versions will still do the job.

Step 3: Start the audio recording application first. Then start Messenger or Skype. Read the recording application instructions as each differ in how they record audio. But neither should be to hard to operate.

Step 4: Start recording, call a friend and talk! When finished, hang up and stop recording.

Step 5: Save out the audio conversation from Audio Hijack or Total Recorder to your hard drive. Aiff files are good and so are wav files.

Step 6: Use iTunes to convert the large aiff or wav file to an MP3. iTunes is free and works on Mac and PC.
iTunes Logo 88x31-1

That’s it. You have the audio for your Podcast!

– Thomas 


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